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Alfa Clinic: Dr. Fatima Poonawala (A lovely experience!)

After our relocation from Pune to Bangalore, our major task was to find good doctors. The perfectionist within my husband and me made us look at every nook and corner for good doctors. And to top all of it, we found ourselves expecting our second baby.

Our first choice was to go to Apollo clinic in Bellandur, but somehow it did not click with us. If you ask us the reason, then lets just say that being a hospital chain, they had this list of tests to run, talk about procedures! In the first visit itself, we were presented with a bill of more than 2000 bucks, and then another 2500 bucks by the time I went into my 3rd month. On top of it, the doctor could not connect with me on a personal level, which finally made me look out for a better doctor. A better doctor's definition for me was someone who could give me personal attention, was open minded, and at the same time could consider pregnancy as something natural.

My search started and went on for a few days, in which I spoke to every person I met, and called all my friends in Bangalore. Atlast, from a few online communities and a friend, I came to know about Dr. Fatima Poonawala's Alfa clinic.

The clinic is situated in JP Nagar, and is not big or fancy, but what delighted me was the clean and hygienic set up. I am of the opinion that if one has to estimate the hygiene and cleanliness of a place, we must visit the loo. And that I did. I was pleasantly surprised to find a very fresh smelling, and clean toilet paper. You may ask me, what special about toilet papers! But, I have been to the biggest of the hospitals and clinics, and most of them were stinking and without toilet papers.

The doctor was patient and listened to the cynic in me. I told her about my fears, and apprehensions, and she never once interrupted or make me feel stupid. She heard my husband equally, and what really moved me was that she took a sonography of the baby, just to show my elder son (4 yrs old). My son kept raving about the sonography all the way back:) She told me very clearly that we would not be running any tests unless necessary, and that the entire tenure of pregnancy will be considered as natural as possible. When I expressed my fear of an episiotomy (the first time I had it), she simply told me that I would not need it :) She let me have a walk through all the rooms and maternity home. I was satisfied with the small yet cosy set up, and decided there and then to have my delivery there itself. She gives an option to have the delivery at Mallya Hospital where she visits, but I did not take it up.

All my visits were very cordial and only necessary tests were done. She was considerate enough to call us only when necessary, so that we would not have to travel 24 kms one way for the pre natal visits. I was not very comfortable waiting for my pains to start at home, as the clinic was far, and she understood my anguish. And thats why she agreed to get me induced if she felt my body is ready. A day before my delivery, I went for a check up, and she told me that I was ready for inducement. She induced me on a Monday morning, and then the wait bagan!. My pains started only on Tuesday late morning, which was a surprise, because this was my second pregnancy and my cervix took a really long time to dilate. (which is usually not the case the second time) She dealt with me very patiently, and waited for me to dilate well. Had it been any other biggie hospitals of Bangalore, I would have surely had a C-section. I delivered amazingly easily with a 3 hour labour, and a patient staff, who smiled through my shouts and anger during last 45 minutes of labour. :)

For all of you, who want to have their husbands present during labour and delivery, this is again just the right place to be in. My husband wanted to be with me the first time, and could not be, because of lack of support from the doctor. But Dr. Fatima told us happily that my husband could be present with me all the while. My husband stood by me all through the process and also during delivery, and we were elated when we held our dearest daughter for the first time together!

I feel that maybe because of lack of use of medication as much as possible during labour, I recovered much more faster than my first time. And need I mention that I did not get an episiotomy, and got away with just 2 stitches which got healed in five days!

This place is for all those women who want to have a one on one attention, and do not care for the biggie names and hospitals. Do not be under the impression that the rooms were not good, because we got a Super Deluxe room, which was very convenient (had a refrigerator, microwave, utensils and a separate lobby for wash area). The only negative thing which we could find was the noise which was coming from the road which the clinic faces, and lack of an in-house food provider. Infact there is one lady who helps with home made food for the patients, but we could not avail her services as the Ramzan season was on, and she was on leave. Thankfully my friend pitched in.

Please note: Read through the comments for information on water birth, which has been started recently at Alfa Clinic. 

You may visit Alfa Clinic's Facebook page here for more information on water birth. 

For more information,

Their website :

Address: N - 18, 24th Main,
LIC Colony, 1st Phase, J.P.Nagar,
( Opp. Shanthi Sagar ),
Bangalore - 560 078

Telephone : +91 80 22443279


  1. Hey Subha,

    Quite amazing to read above and to know about the doctor..because now a days doctors just treat pregnancy just a common affair however they fail to understand that conceiving is an exceptional feeling for every single lady....:):)

  2. Hi Subha

    Thanks for your blog about ALFA clinic and Dr Fatema Poonawala. I’m Subashree N, initially I was consulting in a leading hospital in Bangalore for my second pregnancy. I had my first baby, 7 years ago by C-section in Coimbatore. I wanted to try this one normal, as I can recover fast and look after my son soon. On 37th week of my check up the consultant their asked me to do an elective C section. I was not convinced by their reasoning and started searching for other options. Yes I started very late as I did not hear any complication with me all along my check up. I searched about other hospitals and landed up to hear about Dr Fatema. When I did Dr Fatema and ALFA clinic specific searches, I read your blog. It greatly helped me to make the decision to consult her in ALFA clinic.
    On my first visit itself I was impressed by her patience and explanations answering all my queries. She gave enough tips to me to make my delivery normal. She also told us that if everything is OK, she will allow us for a WATER BIRTH. We also checked the toilet and room as you mentioned they were hygienic and well maintained. On Nov 29th 2011, early morning 2:30 AM I got into Labor and called up Dr Fatema. She asked us to admit in the clinic and when we went their we saw all her support staff ready to receive us. Dr Fatema came immediately to the clinic and talked to me about what I should expect going forward.
    Around morning 8:00 AM I entered the specially prepared WATER TUB for water birth. My pains got reduced. But I believe I got relaxation so much that my pains did not became intensive. After trying for around 5 hrs in water, doctor took a decision to shift me to my room, gave me pentocin injection within 1 hr I delivered a beautiful baby girl normally. I got discharged next day. Nowadays getting a doctor who tries for normal delivery for first time itself is rare, I was amazed for her support and advise to get my second one in normal though my first one was C-section. All the while during my labor she and her staff encouraged me by their words. During the last 1 hr, they talked very positively to me and kept me encouraged to push hard. I felt a great positive energy flowing through me to push due to this. Dr Fatema is like a god to me, I pray god that she would have a long healthy life to do delivery for my just born daughter :)))

  3. Hi, For initial checkups we are consulting wockhardt, but am not sure if that is the right place. I wanted some info about Dr Fathima Poonawala as I wanted to , can anyone who has consulted share their contact please for more discussion? It will be a big help. Thanks in advance

  4. vishwas....u can contact me on and leave your number. I would contact you back.

  5. Hi Subha,

    That's a very nice write-up. Thanks for sharing your experiences.
    My wife is expecting her first baby in April-May, and we started visiting Dr.Poonawala but I have some questions.

    1. I would like to know if the hospital is equipped to handle the emergency cases. What if the doctor is away (out of station) when the delivery time comes?
    2. How much would be the cost for normal and C-Section?
    3. In case of C-Section, is it safe to assume VBAC can be possible for the second pregnancy?
    4. Does the hospital has cashless facility for mediclaim policy?


  6. Hi Anonymous...
    1. Yes, it is very well equipped. A doctor being away or out of station can happen at any hospital or city. It is not fool proof. But usually doctors discuss about these things with patients. Especially since this maternity home is her private nursing home, Dr. Fatima will be particular about issues like this. You can speak to her about your doubts.

    2. It will be lesser than any biggie hospitals, but not at the cost of the services provided. It cost me arnd 30-35 K for normal delivery...the rates might have changed coz I delivered 1.5 yrs back.

    3. VBAC is very much a possibility. You can the comment above yours, in which a lady has spoken abt her VBAC experience. I know of couple of other women who have had VBAC at Dr. Fatima's clinic. You can discuss all the risks and opportunities involved in VBAC with Dr. Fatima.

    4. No, the hospital did not have cashless facility till August 2010.

  7. Thanks for clarifications. Does they provide necessary documents required to reimburse the expenses. I mean did you have any issues in claiming the expenses.


  8. Dear Anonymous,
    Yes, they do provide all necessary documents. We never had any issues for claiming the expenses.

  9. hi subha,
    i am in my 14th week and carrying twins, any idea id dr fatema looks at cases like mine. Twins are automatically called high risk and everyone keeps freaking me out. we plan to move to whitefield soon and i still havent shortlisted any one.
    PS i also do the toilet and toilet paper test. sadly very few outlets pass

  10. Hi Haque,

    Do contact Dr. Fatima...She should be able to guide you well. And on a personal note, stop listening to people :) Whoever is scaring you at such a beautiful stage is not worth talking to. Just relax...There are so many women around who have twins, and all is well with them.

    All the best Subha

  11. Hi Subha! I'm 24 yrs old. I was searching for a doc in Bangalore for my menstrual irregularities. And I stumbled onto Dr. Poonawala and then onto this post. I thought it's great of you to share this amazing experience online and provide pointers to others in need :). I just wanted to appreciate you on what you're doing :). Way to go! Keep it going :)

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  12. Hi Subha ,

    Really a wonderful blog giving me confidence and +Ve wibes for Fatima poonawala. I am in my 37th Week and due to some reasons i have to change doc so i will be visiting Dr Fatima today evening.
    One query , what about the NICU / neo natal in alpha clinic ?

  13. Jena,

    Though my daughter did not need neo natal care, but i did see a baby getting the same during my stay. They are well equipped. You could ask Dr. Fatima for details.

    Regards Subha

  14. thanks Subha ... i have mailed u as well ... Pallavi Jain :):)

  15. Hey .. Yesterday i visited Fatima Poonawala though place is little small but i loved the doctor. She gives confidence to patient also she is down to earth , honest and very +ve. This doc is not at all money minded which gives me a confidence that she will definately prefer normal delivery over C-Section.....
    Some Information might be useful for some other people as so many people are reading this blog..
    1. Rates for normal/C-section are less thn anywhere else.
    2. Place is small but i would say what matters is doctor and facilities which is really good.
    3. No Cashless facility available in Alfa Clinic but later we can apply for rembursement.
    4. Dr Fatima dont have any duty doctor but she is available all the time as she lives next to alpha clinic.
    5. Dr Fatima is flying on 17 May'12 and will be back on 9th June'12.

  16. Thanks for chipping in with more info Pallavi:)

  17. Hi Shubha,
    I was bugging you with couple questions in this blog earlier.Thanks for all your inputs.

    My wife has delivered a beautiful baby and in a complete non-medical way (No drip, injections and tablets..). I could recall the good olden days when the deliveries are done at home by midwifes in a natural way.

    The doctor is so genuine and its hard to find a doctor like her in India where medicine is commercialized and a DOCTOR = MONEY.

    I am amazed by her patience and encouragement for normal deliveries.

    There was a case during our stay and the patient was shouting, yelling at her parents and hubby to force the doctor for a C-Section (she could not bear the pain). But doctor clearly said, a normal delivery is quite possible and she did not agree for a C-Section. Finally she delivered a baby in a complete non-medical way (Ms.Fatima stayed back till 12:30AM midnight).

    For all the people, who prefer for normal deliveries, she will be the ultimate choice.

    I will write up in detail about my experiences with Alfa Clinic.

    Once again, thanks Shubha for this wonderful piece of information on your blog. Keep blogging...

  18. Hi Prakash...
    I am so happy that you wife and you are proud parents:) Heartiest congrats and love to the baby. And I am glad that my blog could help you in every way. And yes, if Dr. Fatima feels that a woman can deliver normally, then the woman can. Dr. Fatema has that good a judgement. Usually first time mothers freak out during the pain thinking that they cannot undergo normal delivery. But thats where a good doctor comes in with her positive outlook and judgement.

    Regards Subha

  19. Hi Shubha,

    This is shilpa.Thank you so much for the information you have shared on Dr.Fathima. I consulted her last week for my second pregnancy check up. I am also impressed with her natural way of treating the patients. still long way to go, but i have got more confidence after reading your blog.


  20. Thats great Shilpa:) Happy that I could help you. And congrats on your big news...All the best!

  21. Please help us identify doctors similar to Dr. Fatima but practising somewhere close to Malleshpalya. Some near by places are New Tippasandra, Indiranagar, Old Airport Road. We wish to avoid to much of travelling. Any info please email me at sumsarch[at]

  22. Hi Subha,
    So nice to read your blog about DR. Fatima. I am in my 23rd week and consulting her. She is really a wonderful doctor. But, I am a bit worried about how equipped the clinic is with regard to any kind of emergency. This question popped up when one of my friends recently had a blood clot in brain 15 hrs after her delivery. The hospital she was admitted was a small one. So at with very less time, they had to shift her to a bigger hospital. Then, she had to undergo various tests and was also been blamed for not choosing hospital that had other doctors too. Now the baby and mother are doing well though.
    This is case is worrying me a bit.

  23. Hi Anonymous...

    I would suggest you speak to Dr. Fatima about your concern. She is always more than happy to discuss any doubts or concerns. I really cannot comment on emergency situations. Dr Fatima would be in a better position to speak about it. Hope this helps...all the best :)

  24. Thanks Shubha for this extremely helpful blog.
    Iam in my 28th week of pregnancy, currently visiting Fortis hospital..however finding it difficult to get adequate attention from the doctors. So I am planning to visit Dr. Fatima after seeing your blog.

  25. Hi Shuha,

    Thank a lot for such a useful blog entry. We stay very close to Fortis and Apollo but consulting Dr Fatima. Seeing the small set up our family members were not so convinced to continue there despite me praising for Dr Fatima.

    Now at last, your blog and all the useful comments from readers will help me convince them.

    Thanks a lot.

    Hope your kids and you are doing fine.

    - Shweta - first time mother due in Nov :)

  26. Hi All
    can any one tell whats the present cost for normal/c-section, is it variable based on no of staying days.

  27. Dear Elizabeth...

    I am glad I cud help you :) All the best!

  28. Dear Shweta...
    I can totally understand what u feel. When I was preggy with my first child, I was very comfy with a local doctor in Pune who was very close to my house. She was relatively less known but I was very comfy with her. But my family was very particular that I shud deliver at a biggie hospital...This was in Pune. And trust second experience with pregnancy and delivery was much much better with a smaller set up and a doctor with whom I was so comfortable.

    I wud strongly suggest that dont dismiss Dr. Fatima only on the basis of the smaller set up...she is so damn worth the visits and consultation. I wud be thankful to her all my life :)

    Take care and all the best :)

  29. Dear A.Behera...

    Wish I cud help you here. But I delivered in Aug cant have the kind of info u are looking for. Hopefully others should pour in.

    Rgds Subha

  30. Hi Subha, Could you please share Dr.fatima's number ,
    I am staying in indir nagar , looks like jp nagar is too far and she is not consulting in mallaya ..So I am worried abt the distance.

  31. Hi..,
    ds is rafiya ilyas,I had a very complicate second delivery n lost our baby two yrs before.Ds time i jus wanna make a smart move,i hav browsed a lot abt dr.fatima n wish to meet her.but only prob is the distance as i live in R.T. Nagar.can u pls tell me which malya hospital dr.fatima visits?coz,j.p. nagar is too far for me.

  32. Dear sss...

    I have shared the clinic number on the the end of my article. Do contact them.

  33. Dear Rafiya...

    I am really sorry abt your loss. And I understand your concern too. I dont know how far you are from JP Nagar...but I too was far...I used to go for monthly checkups, and travel arnd 25kms one way. I was ok with it. Do think abt it :)

    I am not sure whether Dr. Fatima is still practicing with Malya hospital...U cud go and visit her once and speak directly or cud even call up the clinic and talk to her.

  34. Hi Shubha,
    Thanks for your post and I am also considering visiting Dr. Fatima. I was wondering if Dr. Fatima has dealt with any late age pregnancies (I am 41) and that too of women with disabilities (I have polio in one leg)


  35. Hi M...
    Congrats on your big news:)

    I really think you must speak to Dr. Fatima about your concerns. But personally I feel polio affected leg should not have any problems in a normal delivery. You should be just fine. All the best.

  36. Hi Subha,

    I just got to know that I am pregnant.. i have been searching for a good gynac in Bangalore ..but none of the people i have asked have been this positive about their doctors as you are.. I am planning to visit Dr.Fatima this week based on what you have said and the above comments.. i hope i too feel the same and have a good pregnancy and a healthy baby..


  37. Hi Mamta,

    Congrats:) I am sure you will love Dr. Fatima ...All the best :)

  38. Hi All,
    I delivered a Baby girl on 28th of April 2012 at Alfa clinic. It was a normal delivery and a wonderful experience with Dr Fatima. She is a great doctor with lot of patience.
    I spent around 45 K for normal delivery in case any one wanna know.
    Doctor and nurses are exteremely good and very helping. Felt like i was at home only .
    Thanks Subha ur blog helped alot.

  39. Hey Congrats Pallavi :) I am so glad I could be of help to you.

    Regards Subha

  40. Hello everyone
    Thats a very good info blog by everyone thats chipped in. I am myself looking for a change in doctor for my 2nd pregnancy and would really be thankful if any of you can mention as to the charges of Dr. Poonawaala - consultation and delivery.
    Thanks a ton

  41. Hi ,

    Thanks for all these details .Can someone please share some pictures of this clinic or the room please ?


  43. Hi Shubha,

    Thanks a lot for the informative blog. I planning to visit Dr Fatima clinic next week, before that I wanted to know the number of scans & test that she would recommend if your pregnant. The only reason i'm asking you this is since already the doctor whom I was consulting keep asking to scan every 15 days. Which is a real rip off....pls advice.

  44. Dear Anonymous,

    I went to her after spending 3 months with a doctor from Apollo. In 3 months I had already spent a minimum of 5K on pre natal tests and scans. When I took my reports to Dr. Fatima, she was quite upset that I was made to do so many tests. She said for a natural process like pregnancy why did they make me do so many tests. Unless there are issues in a pregnancy, such tests are not required. Thats what she told me...So, relax :)

    Take care Subha

  45. Hi Subha,
    Any idea about pre conception treatment. I had 2 miscarriages in 1st trimester I am very apprehensive and want to consult an excellent doc before trying to conceive again. I actually stay in JP nagar.

  46. Very useful info..Whether we can get insurance/med assist claim for delivery related expenses/hospitalization?

  47. Very useful info..Whether we can claim insurance/med assist relevant expenses of hospitalization through company insurance policy for this hospital?

  48. Very useful info..Whether we can get insurance/med assist claim for delivery related expenses/hospitalization?

  49. Hi Chinmayi,

    Thanks for your time. 2.5 years back, they did not provide cashless medical services. But yes, we paid and then got reimbursed by the insurance company.

    Thanks and Rgds Subha

  50. Special in Normal Deliveries :) Alfa Clinic :)

  51. Special in Normal Deliveries :) Alfa Clinic :)

  52. Hi All,
    I saw some questions regarding this hospital and hence i would like to share my experience.

    You can see my earlier comments in the blog with the name "Prakash" and sometimes with Anonymous.

    Regarding the Payment: The services the doctor provides are worth the money and she never hesitates to spend extra time with the patient. You can request for the cost sheet and her charges are more or less in the same range.
    My son was delivered on 23rd Apr and I paid a total of Rs 58000 (that includes charges for water birth, and an AC deluxe room -> it has fridge, AC and microwave oven). It was just a co-incidence but there was one more guy who works in the same company as I do, paid 47k for a non deluxe room. Both are normal deliveries.
    From the above prices, you can easily reduce 20k just in case if you do not opt for water birth.

    Payment mode: As of April, they only accept cash payments. One of my fried is visiting this hospital now and there is no change in the payment mode.
    She might accept cheque payments if it can be cleared on the same day but i believe only with selective banks (may be near by banks).
    Reimbursement: She provides all the required forms/bills for the reimbursement (all of them are hand written except for the discharge summary which is printed). She is easily approachable so there will not be any problem in case you require more details from her. I did not have any problem in reimbursement.

    Regarding the tests: She will not ask for any tests until and unless required. The mandatory tests are: Ultrasound test - once in 3-5 th month and one in 7th month. Blood test, HIV, Hemoglobin test etc...however these tests are only once. She has her own ultrasound equipment (though its very old) and she will monitor the baby whenever required. She used to charge Rs.50 more whenever she does that.

  53. Hi all,

    Our experience with Dr Fatima was not good but real one. She is overconfident,arrogant,money-minded women.Her role is not more than some midwives except that she has learnt few medicines over a period of time.Her Room-rent/pricing is just enough to suck your insurance limit (at least), for her 4 walled ordinary setup.From our view she is just the right person if there is no complications involved.They have very slow process, even to get a change or get back your Rs 50, Dr Fatima herself takes care of the same.Means she is accountant/dr/midwives/ etc...u can understand she doeasnt bear any extra useful responsibilities.
    no offence just sharing my experience.

    best rgds,

  54. I beleive Dr fatima, uses all might to remove any negative feedback about her. I dont see any of my real negative feedback. this is painful to see.

  55. Uttam

    This is my personal blog. And what I have wrote is my experience. This blog is managed completely by me and Dr. Fatima has no stand in the same. Every comment which is written by anyone, comes to me for moderation. And every comment unless it portrays derogation of any manner is given permission by me. And this might take 1-2 days, as per my schedule.

    Every person has their own set of experiences. It is absolutely ok if you had a bad experience, and I am absolutely game if someone wants to feel the same and speak about their negative views too on my blog, about a topic I have spoken about. These are all genuine people who have felt good about their experience. And some of them have even pointed out small negative issues too.

    Without prior correct knowledge, please refrain from stating incorrect statements on my blog.


  56. hi subha..
    Please let me know that Dr.Fathima treats PCOS?? am diagnosed with PCOS and searching for a good doctor...


  57. Hi Anonymous,

    I really suggest you speak to her. I suppose she should, as she is a gynec, but I cant really comment on it.

    Take care

  58. Hi Subha, Hi All,

    Firstly that was a great post subha and need i mention the fact that this post was what made me step into alfa clinic (Its right next door and I had not noticed it till i read the post!!!)

    This is my second preggy and I have had a few complications in my first because of which I may need some additional monitoring. I have visited Dr.Fatima twice so far and my interactions have been cordial and my rating currently would be neutral. I have a few questions to this group and useful answers would be much appreciated.

    1. What about the pediatrician and the anesthesiologist? Do we have a flow of visiting doctors to this clinic? Any names? Cause pediatrician I guess is needed from the time of birth to ensure baby's well-being

    2. I have no questions about VBAC, but given that c-section can be an option, how equipped is the clinic and doc when it comes to c-sec? Any real cases of C-sec?

    3. How good is it in terms of handling emergencies? Transit to other hospitals/ambulance etc?

    Would really appreciate if you or anyone in this forum can throw some light, as this would really be the deciding factor for me to settle down with this clinic.

    I know these are questions to be asked to the doc herself, but given the fact that I have seen so many responses, wanted to take in some personal feedback as well.

    Many Thanks!

  59. I delivered my second baby at Dr Fatima's clinic in December 2012. My first delivery was at Apollo. My Apollo experience was not entirely unpleasant but I felt that there was always an element of over-cautiousness. For instance, I was diagnosed with borderline GD and was immediately put on insulin thrice a day. I underwent 6 scans during my pregnancy and innumerable NSTs. All these led to a lot of stress for me. The delivery was through C-sec and post-delivery and discharge I developed very high BP complications and had to be hospitalized in the ICU where they could not ascertain why my BP had shot so high.
    With my 2nd baby, I wanted it to b as natural and a stress-free a process without all the drama and unnecessary interventions. Plus, keeping in mind the complications of pregnancy in my mid-30s, I wanted someone who could handle them.
    After reading up on the Net, I decided to visit Dr Fatima. My decision was also bolstered by the fact that my cousin and her friends, all in their 30s, had delivered their babies with her and everyone said that she liked to keep things as natural as possible without unnecessary interventions.
    I found the doctor to be very reassuring and knowledgeable. She did not order too many tests or scans and her assurances that mine would be an uncomplicated pregnancy gave me a lot of confidence.
    When it came to delivery, I opted for a C-sec again because I wasn't confident about a VBAC, though the doctor did give me that option. The delivery itself was quite smooth and keeping in mind my BP complications during the first delivery, Dr Fatima and her team took extra care post-op in terms of keeping me well-hydrated, regularly monitoring my BP and also preventing any epidural-related complications. She also made it a point to explain things in a very calm and lucid manner which I appreciated.
    I can honestly say that I wasn't half as stressed out this time as I was during my last delivery.
    Yes, there were some issues with regards some of the nursing staff, their responsiveness and the general noise level as the clinic faces a busy main road. But the experience with the doctor herself was very pleasant. We did not find her to be money-minded at all unlike some multi-specialty hospitals which scare you into getting a bunch of expensive interventions which are not always needed
    Anonymous, I hope my comment has answered at least some of your questions. I am not sure about the anesthesiologist's name but the visiting pediatrician was Dr Sowmya Prashant who has a clinic at Jayanagar 4th T block.


  60. Thanks Jyoti for your response....its pretty reassuring fact i had almost all of the same issues during my first one and all that insulin and BP got me fully stressed out ....I never got to enjoy most my pregnancy ...and this being the last one I dont wanna feel sick and stressed...also good to hear the -csection is also an equal option ..(just in case...) ..hope u and ur lil one are doing good..will keep u posted on how my journey goes !


  61. Hi Dr Poonamwala also good for pre pregnancy consultation????

  62. Hi Subha ,
    Thanks for your wonderful blog .I read ur blog and started consulting Dr.Fatima for my pregnancy and I'm happy to share with you that we are blessed with a baby girl on 13 FEB2013.It was truly an wonderful experience with her.As you have mentioned no unnecessary test was done through out my pregnancy.
    Water labor offered in Alfa clinic is truly amazing .It just took away my 60% of the labor pain. Though there are little areas of service improvement like, the hospital facilities --food, hot water connection and Ventilation etc.

    Having said that, these things doesn't really matter when you deliver your baby without any tension.

    My baby was 4.1Kg and 8 days overdue, inspite of all these I delivered my baby angel through normal delivery. I thank Alfa clinic for their service dedication and highly recommend her for all our future mom's to consult.

  63. Thats superb! Priyadarshini :)
    I am so happy for you. Water birth can be a blessing. It can cut down on labour a lot. I did come to know that Dr. Fatima has started water births. Thank you dropping your comments. Its valuable.

    Best wishes

  64. hiye aii

    im really happy for the post nd comments! im convinced even before visiting the doc but im still confused whether to really proceed wit this doc or????? im blank please help me:(

    Hiye all!
    im really glad for ur

    1. Hi Likitha,

      Welcome to my blog. And thanks for your comment. :)

      Now for your confusion. It is natural for anyone to have doubts about a doctor for the first time. There are just two ways of relieving your doubts. One, you go by other people's experiences, about how they were treated. Second, by visiting the doctor yourself, and checking on your own.

      I have written in the post in the beginning, Dr. Fatima was not the first doctor I went to. She was my second choice, when my first choice of the doctor went unsatisfied.

      So why dont you visit her once and see?

      Take care...Subha

  65. Hi,
    I'm in my 7 months and all this while i've been visiting a biggie hospital. but from wat i've herd abt that hospi is that its statistics show that its got a reputation for a high percentage of c-sections. Since i have a strange phobia (For operation theatres) i'm kinda freaked out by the thought of a c-section.After reading all these reviews i've made up my mind to give a visit to this clinic this saturday (27th april 2013). But my only concern is that i'm already past 7 months.Will they enrol me now? Also i've herd that Dr.poonawala is on a vacation and will return on 25th may (my due is on 23 june) if i visit the clinic now two other doctors will be attending me instead of her and i have to wait for her till she comes back on 25th may.... so am i taking a risk in the last moment by changing my doc? Should i stick on to my old doc? wat do u ladies out there think?

    1. Hi Sannia

      During my 1st pregnancy, I changed my doc after the 7th month. It was because my doc had limited facilities for delivery and she referred me to another doctor. And it went all smooth. So I think it should not be a problem. But again, Dr. Fatima should be the right person to judge on this.

      Take care and all the best.

  66. Hi Shuba,

    I am 33 years old and have been trying for a kid last 1.5 years now. Initially we tried naturally and since it didnt happen I met a gynaecologist near koramangala teachers colony. I was very comfortable with the doctor and admired her sincerity.I was being treated for PCOS. However till last May I had ovulated on my own and I was put thru an IUI. Painful as it was I didnt concieve that month.After that I had taken a break from going to the doctor (too many medicines and i started gaining lot of weight) Then in August I quit my job and took a break. Oct and November i was put thru FSH and hcg injections and there were 2 iuis done consecutively. I dint concieve. I felt maybe my weight was a problem and I took a break of couple of months to reduce my weight as much as possible . I did redcue my weight close to 8 kgs and i fell ill during this time. I was on antibiotics for close to 15 days . I got back to the doc this month. She told me tht I cannot ovulate naturally and she would like to put me thru fsh injections again and try an iui this month. If it fails she wanted to do a laproscopy and drill thru my ovaries..... all so scary. I was so depressed that I ended up falling ill again coz of fear. I then realised that I needed a second opinion and maybe its my weight which isnt allowing me to concieve. I wanted to meet a doctor who can help me through in a nice way. Please suggest

    1. Hi Indu...

      I can give you a reference of a very good friend of mine who went to Dr. Fatima for help in conceiving. And she had referred her to one of the best infertility docs in Blore. She conceived thru IUI, if I am not wrong. If you can mail me on, I can give her details to you.

      Keep faith and take care

  67. Hi Shubha,

    It was really nice reading your blog. I was also looking out for a good doctor. I am 33 yrs old and I was diagnosed with pcos. I got married when i was close to 30 yrs old. We didnt try for a kid for close to a year. Last 1.5 years we had been consulting a doc.Initially she put me on glyomet and also clomid. My scans were perfect with ovulation also happening ontime. But still it wasnt happening naturally. Then last May I went thu an IUI but it wasnt successful. Then I was really depressed and I took a break from all medications for couple of months. Aug I quit my job and took a break just to ensure I go through the treatment. I approached my doctor and this time she suggested iui. She started giving me fsh injections and hcg. Post which she did an IUI. Sept and Oct I went thru an IUI. both being a failure. Finally I felt maybe I was having problems coz of my weight. So I took a break of couple of months to redcue my weight. Then I approached her early last month and again i went thru the injections and the iui. Though there were multiple dominant follicles and ovualtion happened right on time somehow it didnt happen again. This month when i went to meet the doc i really got into a depressed state. Somehow the doc made me feel that I was having some problem in concieving. Trust me being a woman the best phase in our lives is our motherhood. I didnt want to lose that opportunity. She suggested another cycle of iui post which she wanted to do a laprascopy and drill thru my ovaries. This is all very scary shubha and I wanted to meet a good doc. I have spent so much of money already and I dont think I will be able to do that. I have no bad remarks about the doc. But somehow its not working out well for me. Hope I am making the right decision to meet another doctor.

  68. Hi, This is kavitha ananth from bangalore. This is a very good Blog. I am happy to see so many excellent comments about Dr.Fathima. I delivered my first baby in her clinic at the age of 33. It was a normal delivery of baby weighing 4 kg. My labour pain was more than 15 hrs. I tried my best to go for a C-section as I could not bear the pain. but Dr. Fathima didnt allow and made me delivered normally. I thank her for all her support and the love she shown towards us. She is a wonderful doctor. At that time even it was a cashless treatment.

    Now I am visiting her for my second baby. Due is in November. I had referred her for many of my friends too. generally speaking she is simply superb.


  69. Quite useful information. Its really hard to move from one place to another with all the luggage to be towed. Such kid of services are going to go a long way. fertility centre Bangalore

  70. Hi,
    I am consulting Dr fatima . Im 34 weeks pregnant . Really she is a good doc who answers all our doubts without a frown. She told be about the side effects of pain killer and all. Also about water bath option .
    I asked the recp there about the rate she gave me a printout with rate details:
    Normal: basic charge 30000+ Room charges
    C Section: Basic charge 45000+Room Charges
    Water Labour and Birth : 15000 extra
    Etc etc.......

    1. Hi, Smitha

      I am 29weeks old. i am consulting Dr fathima she is very good doc. but im worried about the facilities they provide bcos as it is clinic.. by now u might have got delivered so can u please tell me how was ur stay in the hospital?? n about the facilities?? after 34 weeks for how many days gap were u visting her for check up.. n finally how much did she charge for you including every thing??

      it will be great helpful if u provide all this information for me

  71. Hi,
    I am consulting Dr fatima . Im 34 weeks pregnant . Really she is a good doc who answers all our doubts without a frown. She told be about the side effects of pain killer and all. Also about water bath option .
    I asked the recp there about the rate she gave me a printout with rate details:
    Normal: basic charge 30000+ Room charges
    C Section: Basic charge 45000+Room Charges
    Water Labour and Birth : 15000 extra
    Etc etc.......

  72. Hi,
    I made up my mind to visit this clinic ( after reading the reviews here) in the 9th month of my pregnancy, as i was pretty sure that the doctor i was previously consulting was hinting towards a c-section, although my pregnancy seemed normal in every possible way. I think i made the best decision of my life, my delivery was absolutely normal and seemed very easy, the doctor and nurses were very dedicated. They never gave me any pain killer although i was begging for it, as they were more concerned of the baby's health. Instead they were helping me manage my pain in natural ways and were with me throught encouraging me that i can make it through. I must say that Dr. Fatima is absolutely dedicated and passionate towards here profession, she's constantly attending her patients even in the nth hour of night. I've recommended her to many of my relatives and friends.I wanna thank Subha Manoj in the first place for starting this blog.

  73. Can I obtain travel certificate by air during 31 weeks for single is normal.plz suggest good im in 28 week

  74. Can I obtain travel certificate by air during 31 weeks for single is normal.plz suggest good im in 28 week

  75. Hi frds ,
    I want to obtain air travel certificate by air during im 28 weeks. Can you please suggest good doctor.i want to go back fof delievery to my mum place

  76. Hi Subha

    I agree that Dr Fatima Poonawala is an experience and good doctor.

    However after visiting her clinic at JP nagar , i am bit concerned about the facilities and hygiene offered in the clinic. IT seems very ordinary and did not even give a feel of a professional hospital.

    What i know is that she does not visit any other hospital too. we are bit worried abt having our baby there.
    Could you or some one else share their view and experience.

    1. Hi skjoshi,

      Thanks for stopping by my blog.

      Well, to answer 1st child was born in a branded BIG hospital in Pune. My second one was born here in Bangalore at Dr. Fatima's clinic. I can say without an ounce of doubt that my experience was definitely better at Dr. Fatima's clinic. If you go through the comments, I have previously mentioned too that you have to choose your doctor and hospital according to your preferences and priorities.
      My priority was clearly a very personalized and caring attention. I got all of it in the nursing home. There was no issues at all regarding the hygiene. I am talking abt my experience here. I am very particular about hygiene and the first thing I checked were the toilets during my 1st visit and it was clean, which I am sorry to say I have failed to find in many big hospitals.

      Ofcourse the nursing home is not a hospital and therefore it does not look jazzy and classy, but the baby's birth experience was truly beautiful for my family and me.

  77. hello subha,
    i m nutan, having some doubts so is it possible to discuss on phone? my no is 8105878003 from bangalore. or i can call u if i get urs.
    no words for this blogs... its simply amazing...

  78. Hi Subha,

    Thank you for the information. Bangalore is not my home town, But was married to Girl who was born and brought up in Bangalore. This is our first pregnancy. We were regularly consulting in Dr. Radha Krishna Hospital in Giri Nagar in Bangalore. The Doctors name is Dr.Vidhya Bhat. Most of the families who come to hospital say that she is a good doctor and We are also not denying it. But the thing is she is busy and she is not even explaining things more clearly. She does not listen to my wife to her problems. My wife is running on week 30. She gets pain on her legs and when she was explaining this to the doctors, it seems she was not listening. My wife's weight got increased by 2 kgs every 2 weeks. There would be a regular checkup. Due to this reason, we were checking on the internet and found your blog. We are planning to visit this Doctor and get some help.

  79. Hi subha

    Pls check ur mail box and i hope u ll getback to me..

  80. hi subha
    i just wanted to know does they have all facilities for baby since its a clinic??
    i mean giving bath for the baby, cradle, baby clothes etc or we should only give them.. how is the staff in the hospital?? does doc visit the patient daily twice..

    1. Hi

      My daughter was taken care of very well by the hospital. They have a cradle and very sweet nurses who offered to soothe my daughter the 1st night after the delivery, while I could take a breather. Baby clothes obviously was ours. Bath was also done by them. The doctor does visit twice and whenever you wish if the need arises.

      Hope this helps :)

    2. Hi, Subha manoj

      thanks for responding.. by the way ur blog is very nice n has helpfull information..
      for how long were u in hospital?? was ur's normal or c-section??

    3. Hi, Subha Manoj

      First of all your blog is really very good. I am in my 29th week now, when i got confirmed that i was pregnant we were searching for a good gynea in and around J.P. Nagar as i stay in Banashankari that time when we searching in net we came across your blog by reading your blog only we decided to go to Dr fathima and as you say she is really very good doctor and fills confidence in patient and talk to patients very nicely.. thanks :-) really your blog helped me a lot..
      please keep on updating latest information if you get through by some one, so that it would be really helpful for others as you got delivered before 2yrs and things would have changed a lot from then..
      All the Best :-)

    4. Hi...

      I stayed for about 3 day before the delivery, the day of delivery and one day after. Mine was a normal one.

  81. Hi All, My wife is 4 months pregnanent. We did lots of research and finally zeroed on doctor Fatima after reading reviews posted in this website. My wife has started consulting doctor Fatima since beginning. I would like to share my honest comments for others.

    By now my spouse has done 4 visits to and 2 emergency calls to the Alfa clinic. I don't agree to one of the comments where it says that the doctor is patient and listens to all your questions unfortunately. We are having our first baby and are very curious. Forget about the personal touch, when I or my spouse asks 1/2 questions the doctor seems to loose patience. She says she has lots of appointments and she can not keep on answering the questions. The consultation on each appointment does not even last 10 minutes. It feels like she wants to get rid of the patients asap and move on to the next.

    For the emergency calls, my wife has severe pain in her lower stomach and I wanted to get some consultation from the doctor. When I called the clinic and told the receptionist that its an emergency and need urgent consultation from the doctor. The receptionist said that the doctor is available but she was not connecting to the doctor and kept on saying that the doctor is counseling others and can not take the call. After one hour I could talk to the doctor and she did not even hear to me fully and disconnected the call in 10 seconds by telling a local drug name. How can a doctor suggest a medicine name when she has not even spoken to the patient fully.

    My spouse is frustrated and we are feeling that we have done a great mistake by choosing this doctor.

  82. Adding one more data point. Our recent experience has been much like the commenter immediately above. It seems like she loses patience with patients who might do some internet search and ask questions based on those, and she didn't really take the fact well that we opted to take a second opinion. She told us that she was not comfortable seeing us after this (my wife is around 32 weeks now). I am not in a position to offer an opinion on her professional competence, but her personal demeanor was something that we couldn't reconcile with the reviews here. Make of this what you will.

  83. Hi All,

    I take pleasure in writing my personal experience with Dr. Fatima Poonawala. I had a bitter experience with my first delivery at my native place and ended up with a C-section. For my second delivery, I was looking for a doctor who could do a VBAC and would like to thank this blog for helping me choose the right doctor - Dr. Fatima Poonawala. I was little skeptical about the veracity of reviews mentioned in this blog but after I met her for the first time, I was pretty confident about her capability and we decided to continue with her till my delivery eventhough I was put up in Whitefield which is around 20 kms from JP Nagar. The Dr. was so professional and very patient in answering all our questions during our visits. She even used to draw diagrams to explain us about the medical lingo.

    She guided me in taking the appropriate nutrition and helped me in shaping up the right lifestyle that would help for a successful VBAC and also ensured that I am on the right track through out my pregnancy. She never prescribed any unnecessary diagnostic procedures unless needed. Finally the D-day arrived and I delivered a baby boy naturally at her clinic. I opted for Water birth which was a nice experience and I personally felt that it eased my labour process. The Dr was present throughout my labour and she monitored the progress of labour. She has a visiting Neonatal specialist and she was also present during the final stage of my labour. The nursing staffs were also very supportive and friendly. Overall, it was an excellent experience and I would definitely recommend Dr. Fatima Poonawala and Alfa clinic for my friends and relatives.

  84. I am not sure if my last comment was reported on this blog. Hence keeping it short..

    Subha – Firstly, many thanks to you for starting this blog!!

    Infact, this blog was one of the motivating factors for me to consult Dr. Fatima Poonawala (@Alfa Clinic) during my pregnancy last year.

    About Dr. Fatima, she is an angel without any doubts. She had the traits of a great doctor and is top recommended.
    I had normal delivery at Alfa Clinic on 7/Oct/13 and now that my baby is six months old, I am taking time out to share my experience with Dr. Fatima.

    God Bless !!

    Neha Dadhich Sharma


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